Sunday, April 3, 2011

Laser Removal Training and Experience

The key to a successful laser hair removal experience is to be particular about the clinic you patronize.  A well trained and experienced technician is the key.  Lasers can only do so much.  They work – there is no doubt about it.  The degree of their success hinges on the application of the treatment.

You may find this surprising, but laser hair removal school to become a technician capable of applying treatment is usually about 2 weeks.  Each type of laser application is unique with a certain type of laser able to work in a particular field.  A laser that can remove hair cannot remove a tattoo.

Every technician has to get his or her experience somewhere and I’m all for supporting on the job training.  For laser hair removal that would only be acceptable if the doctor was right there in the room observing absolutely everything that is taking place. 

A good medical clinic will be up front about the experience of the staff.  Be sure to ask if that is not the case.

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