Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picking out the Right Laser Office

Before taking the plunge and making your first appointment for laser treatment, do your research. Walking into your initial evaluation with knowledge about the procedure will enable you to ask intelligent questions instead of being completely naive about how laser removal works.  You can find a wealth of information on the internet.  Being educated about the process will help you to make a better judgment call when you choose the medical office that is right for you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shaving Your Legs

The practice of women shaving their legs began in the early twentieth century.  Prior to that time in history women were allowed to show very little of their legs or other body parts for that matter.

As we know, times changed and as years go on women seem to want to bear more skin. More skin showing means more hair removal.

The frequency varies depending on your lifestyle. Maybe you never wear dresses or skirts and don’t really care how hairy your legs are.  Perhaps you hold off until spring and summer comes along.

Other women only show the part of their leg that shows below their hemline.  Some women prefer to shave everyday and don’t feel comfortable with hairy legs.

Women now have a better selection of razors to choose from.  No longer are we “borrowing” our father’s or boyfriend’s five pound metal razor to chop chunks out of our skin. I have memories of scarring my legs from a swipe with a new double edged razor.

Laser Removal Training and Experience

The key to a successful laser hair removal experience is to be particular about the clinic you patronize.  A well trained and experienced technician is the key.  Lasers can only do so much.  They work – there is no doubt about it.  The degree of their success hinges on the application of the treatment.

You may find this surprising, but laser hair removal school to become a technician capable of applying treatment is usually about 2 weeks.  Each type of laser application is unique with a certain type of laser able to work in a particular field.  A laser that can remove hair cannot remove a tattoo.

Every technician has to get his or her experience somewhere and I’m all for supporting on the job training.  For laser hair removal that would only be acceptable if the doctor was right there in the room observing absolutely everything that is taking place. 

A good medical clinic will be up front about the experience of the staff.  Be sure to ask if that is not the case.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We have a few different ways to make our legs as attractive as possible.  You have the inside work - exercise and developing muscles and acquiring a defining shape to the calves and thigh area. 

You can accomplish this with floor exercise, bike riding, or good old fashioned walking.

The other area to concentrate on is the outside or cosmetic side of the coin.